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    What people say about us

    Physio Speak Ergonomics is a very good concept which benefits every person who leads a sedentary lifestyle or mechanical lifestyle in his/her day to day life or a normal person who has a fixed cycle of activities.

    As ergonomics speaks of Physiotherapy which has roots in improving efficiency and productivity related not only to a person but also to the industry or company he/she works for.

    As it is said that "Good Ergonomics is often Good Economics", by having a proper ergonomic design, we can prevent repetitive strain injuries and Musculoskeletal disorders because these can lead to the development of long-term disability in a person's life.

    Mainly it improves the productivity and quality of life, Employee engagement, and a safe environment is created, which focuses on how people fit in their work environment. Ergonomics reminds the person how to position himself/herself in their workplace or home. I'm really obliged and glad to be a part of this idea.


    We are in an ecosystem where we face a lot of challenges every day. I believe that every challenge can be met only when we are fit in our being. So we are reaching this nation with the idea of Physio Speak Ergonomics. This is "DOING MY BIT" to the mankind. Being a physio I have more passion to make the fellow men adopt good body mechanics and postures.

    This can happen through teaching sessions by Physio Speak Ergonomics. I believe this will turn to be a major milestone in the department of physiotherapy.

    A Word From The Founder

    Physio Speaks ergonomics is definitely a great initiative to spread awareness among people about the importance of health and body postures.

    It will for sure lead to a great change in the mechanical lives of people who are busy with their professions and completely neglect their health. Physio Speaks Ergonomics will teach them how to correct their posture and body attitude, both at workplace and home, to lead a healthy life.